Current Pilots

Joining Bakalar Flying Club is a fairly straight forward process:

  1. Please review our By-Laws and Operating Rules
  2. Review our Privacy Policy
  3. Complete the membership application. This form may be electronically filled and signed or printed and completed.
  4. Return the completed membership application, along with copies or your medical exam, both sides of your pilot certificate, and logbook entry showing most recent flight review to

On receipt of the above documentation the Board of Directors will review and approve your membership. Once your membership is approved a few things will happen:

  • Your Flight Circle account will be set up.
  • You will be invoiced for the membership deposit and 1st month’s dues.
  • Upon payment of your membership deposit and dues your membership will become active.
  • We will work with you to get your checkout flights scheduled.

Student Pilots

Prior to joining we recommend that students complete their medical exam (minimum 3rd class). This ensures that there are no medical issues that will prevent you from achieving your goal.

If you are a non-US citizen then you are required to be approved for flight training through the TSA Flight Training Security Program. If this applies to you then you should connect with your flight instructor regarding the approval process.