Interested in joining Bakalar Flying Club? Contact us for more information about joining.

Our History

As a small group of local pilots watched the airshow at Oshkosh we began discussing the many challenges we have all faced with our aviation journey.  Aircraft ownership was not practical or not possible for many of us. Renting aircraft didn’t suit us well either, and many traveled outside the immediate local area to find something that meets their needs.  We decided to investigate a flying club and determine if we could develop a cost structure that would be attractive to many people.  Bakalar Flying Club, Inc. was officially formed on August 28th, 2017.

Our Members

Members are an equal share owner in the club assets.  We have nothing in the by-laws that limits the number of members, we do intend to maintain good aircraft availability for our members.  The Board of Directors monitors the usage and listens to the feedback of the members and determines the appropriate levels.

We have a diverse membership population.  From student pilots to veteran corporate pilots with thousands of hours, we welcome anyone with an interest in aviation.

Our Organization

We are a non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors that is elected by the members. Each board member serves a two-year term. Members of the board for 2022-2023 are:

  • President – Kyle Smith
  • Vice President – Eric Bradley
  • Maintenance & Safety Director – Bill Reid
  • Treasurer – Aaron Moorman
  • Secretary – Jim Olmstead

Membership Meetings

Membership meeting are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the club hangar. For those that are unable to attend in person we offer a Teams sessions as well. Meetings are open to all members and others that are interested in learning more about the Club.